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Threat comes from inside 2014
Threat comes from inside 2014
Hybrid walking skull ...
Κρανίου τόπος 2012
After the fall of the stock-exchange
H πτώση – the fall (2012)
O Αχόρταγος-Insatiable 2012
Monsieur-cannibale 2012
dogface capitalist showing his teeth
walking skull with teeth at his back
Το πρόσωπο της αξιοκρατίας
Material hunter
Δάκρυ δελφινιού -Dolphin's cry 2011
Μετάλλαξη-transmutation ( 2011)
bloodthirsty capitalist
Predator (2011)
frozen insect (2011)
After a difficult day...(2011)
Angry parent (2011)

works in marble